Our Menu Information

Our food program is for children 6 weeks and up. The program includes breakfast, lunch and snack and milk. The food is prepared by our chef and meets the requirements set by the US Department of Agriculture Childcare Food Program.

For any child who has food allergies or religious convictions, special arrangements will be made on an individual basis. Due to allergies, No peanut products may be brought into the Center. Any food items found containing peanuts or peanut butter will be disposed of by the staff.   If your child is allergic to milk you must provide a statement from a medical professional indicating the allergy. We will provide the milk alternative.


A sample menu for each meal is listed below:


USDA Requirements: milk, fruit or veg or juice. Bread or bread alternate.

Peaches, Pancakes, Milk


USDA Requirements: meat/protein, bread, 2 veg or 1 fruit and 1 veg?

Diced Chicken, Rice, Broccoli, Apple Sauce, Milk

P.M. Snack

USDA Requirement: bread or bread alternate, juice or fruit or veg, milk, meat or meat alternate. (Select 2 of the 4)

Goldfish Crackers, Apple Juice


The weekly menus are posted in each classroom.

Infants are fed according to their individual schedules as communicated by the parent on the completed Infant Feeding Plan Form.

Little Minds 1st Academy’s guidelines for meals and snacks:

Prior to and immediately following each meal, tables and chairs must be washed with soapy water, water and finally, each table must then be sanitized with bleach water and either air-dried or wiped clean with a dry paper towel.
All staff and children must wash hands before and after each meal, for at least 20 seconds.
Staff shall sit with children at the tables and supervise all mealtimes. Staff should encourage conversation by asking questions or talking about the food; good table manners should be modeled.
First-serving child sized-portions will be provided for all staff. Each staff member is expected to eat the meal provided, in order to model good eating habits.
Children will never be forced or bribed to eat. Children must have every food on their plate. However, if a child states that he/she does not like a particular food, they may place just a small amount (ex: one or two peas) on their plate.

We ask that you please refrain from bringing in supplementary food (such as fast food or food from home). We have enough food to provide your child with the necessary nutritional requirements. Food brought from home will be discarded.