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Our facilities help make the Little Birdies Nursery School experience really special. All our classrooms and outdoor spaces are bright fresh and modern and designed exclusively for preschoolers. Mauris viverra semper nunc vel vehicula placerat faucibus. Donec nunc eros, mollis ac sem quis, efficitur posuere lectus.


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Ann Harris

Ann Harris is the owner and Director of Little Minds 1st Academy. Her love for children and passion for ensuring their growth and success is the key driving force behind her desire to open Little Minds 1st Academy. Ann has over 20+ years of experience in Early Childhood Care and Learning with national chains as well as local community based centers. During her many years in the childcare and learning industry, Ann has attained extensive experience as she served as Food Specialist, Academy Director, Regional Point Trainer, Pre-K Project Director as well as other positions. We pride ourselves in the experience that she brings and the fact that our Director has earned her degree in Early Childhood Care and Education, her Child Development Associates Certification and completed the 40-hour Director Training. She and her staff have also completed certifications in CPR, First AID, and AED.

With Ann’s leadership, her great team, her vision, experience, and passion for helping children grow to their full potential, we are confident that your children will be in great hands at Little Minds 1st Academy.